When are your Services?
Sunday School Classes 9:30am
Sunday Worship Service 10:30am

How do I get to First Christian Church?

167 E. Third St. in Dallas City by the old Dallas High School.

What can I expect on my first visit?

From the moment you pull into the parking lot, you’re likely to feel at home. Our greeters will be waiting and ready to give directions or answer any questions you may have. From the lobby, you can make your way directly into the main service held on the main level where our greeters will welcome you, hand you our information-filled service bulletin and direct you to your seat. Then just sit back, relax, and enjoy the service!

What denomination are you?
First Christian Church is not affiliated with any particular denomination but is a bible-believing, gospel-centered Church. What do we mean when we say that First Christian Church is a gospel-centered church? We mean that the gospel is not simply the entry point into the Christian life but that it is also the foundation, and force that shapes all we do as followers of Jesus Christ both in our daily lives and in our experience as the corporate body of Christ. The gospel is the gloriously great good news that God in eternity past looked forward to His sinful enemies, and chose to love them, appease His just wrath toward them, and declare them righteous. He did this by sending His Son Jesus to perfectly fulfill God’s righteous standard,  the law and die in their place. This plan is wholly of the Lord and has nothing to do with mans works, rule keeping, or goodness. All men do however have a responsibility to turn from their sin, and believe the gospel. Ongoing obedience to the gospel displays that they have experienced a new birth, and have entered into an eternal relationship of love, delight, and communion with the God of the universe. We believe the gospel informs, controls, and energizes all we do.

Where do I take my children?
You’ll find first-class programs for your children, from birth through 6th grade. For infants and toddlers a loving nursery is provided in a clean and safe environment. The nursery is located on the lower level of the church on the right.  For children in grades K-6, Children’s Church is a fun-filled, activity packed hour. Children’s Church is located next to the nursery.