Pastor Will Fowler

Will was raised in a conservative evangelical pastor’s home, and was active in church life throughout childhood and adolescence. When Will was twelve, his parents went through a messy divorce which threw his conservative upbringing into relief and provoked a crisis of faith.

The next few years were littered with bad friends, bad choices, drugs, and alcohol. Then, Will met Meth, and was soon homeless, suicidal, and 112 pounds. At this point Will didn’t know what to do. He was ostracized by the church which he was raised in. His parents spent tens of thousands of dollars sending him to rehab to no avail.

Then, an amazing thing happened.

Will met real Christians who weren’t peddling rules and religion, but a real relationship with a loving God. Will went on to Bible College in Southern California studying pastoral theology. Since graduating college, Will has had a passion for helping people like himself that are different, are disenfranchised with religion, and aren’t perfect. Experience God’s love.

Will loves spending time with His wife Kathy, and their three children, Leanna, Robert, and Lucille. He enjoys web design, reading puritan theologians, counseling, discussing theology.

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