Seeking Intimacy

Once when I was reading John chapter 4 in the greek New Testament I was struck by repetition of the word Zetai (Seek). When talking to the woman at the well Jesus states that the father is seeking (zetai) worshippers who will worship in Spirit and in Truth. Then when the disciples came they wandered why he was talking to a samaritan woman, but none of the disciples dared ask him what seekest (zetai) thou. Jesus was seeking the same thing God has been seeking since the Garden intimate two way communication with his creation. Christ mission was to restore what was lost in the Garden which was the spirit. When mans spirit died in the garden he could no longer communicate clearly with God. So you only had mostly truth worshippers those who followed the law (truth). Thank God that Christ has restored our ability to not just worship him in truth, but also in spirit.

This is a great problem in the Church today there is one sect who want to be merely rules (truth) based in their approach to God, but meanwhile neglecting an intimate relationship (Spirit) with God. Then there are those who are actively seeking an intimate relationship, but neglecting obedience to God’s truth the Bible. True balance in the Christian life will be found when we seek (zetai) to approach God in spirit (relationship) and truth (rules).